mechanical parts and precision machining since 1977

Gabrieletto Meccanica S.n.c. was established in March 1977 by Mr. Giampietro Gabrieletto, the current Managing Partner. Since January 1999, the company has been operating in the Spartiori artisan area of Montecchio Precalcino in the Province of Vicenza, Italy, where is avails of its own 3,000 m2 property, 1,750 of which is covered, with 12 workers and an equipped machinery park.



Specialising in the mechanical sector for third parties, the company Gabrieletto Meccanica over time gained experience by continuously equipping itself for the following machining: turning, hobbing, threading, grinding and, in particular, ROLLING, machining profiles both on screws and bars, with the highest quality technical characteristics.




Amachinery park with the highest capacity and technology allows Gabrieletto Meccanica to meet all its clients’ needs. They can count on experience, professionalism, quality, competence and consultancy. Various types of lathes are available with integrated loaders, ground with quick-load gantries, rolling machines for bars and screws, threading machines and hobbing machines.





utmost attention to finish and control of the machined products


immediate take-on and precise and tested deliveries


first level customer service for all customers’ needs


state of the art machining with highly professional machines